12 juli 2010

Trädgårdstema 45 - "Vanliga blommor"


Visste kan det ses som ett ogräs, men gud vad vacker den är när man kommer lite närmre. Bladet tillhör en vitklöver som också brukar vara i våra gräsmattor men kan du tänka dig att ha den kvar så skall du veta att den är kväve fixerad, vilket innebär att den tar och ser till att jorden får just det gödningsmedel man har för att gräset skall växa lite bättre.

Men hur vanlig är egentligen den röda tusenskönan?

Did it may be seen as a weed, but god what a beautiful it is when you get a bit closer. This sheet belongs to a white clover, which also tend to be in our lawns, but can you imagine having the left and you will know that it is nitrogen fixation, which means that it takes and make sure that the earth may be just the fertilizer you have to grass is grow a bit better.

But how common is it really red tusenskönan, "Bellis perennis" is a common European species of Daisy, often considered the archetypal species of that name. Many related plants also share the name "Daisy", so to distinguish this species from other daisies it is sometimes qualified as Common Daisy, Lawn Daisy or occasionally English daisy. It is native to western, central and northern Europe. The species is widely naturalised in North America, and also in South America.


It is thought that the name "daisy" is a corruption of "day's eye", because the whole head closes at night and opens in the morning. Chaucer called it "eye of the day".
Daisy is also a common girl's name and is a nickname for girls named Margaret, after the French name for the oxeye daisy, marguerite.


It is not affected by mowing and is therefore often considered a weed on lawns, though many also value the appearance of the flowers. Several cultivars and hybrids have been selected with much larger flower heads up to 5–6 cm diameter and with light pink to purple-red ray florets.
Bellis perennis has astringent properties and has been used in folk medicine.In ancient Rome, the surgeons who accompanied Roman legions into battle would order their slaves to pick sacks full of daisies in order to extract their juice. Bandages were soaked in this juice and would then be used to bind sword and spear cuts.
Daisies have traditionally been used for making daisy chains in children's games.

Blooming Tuesday

Vad har du för vanliga växter hos dig? Eller vilka vanliga växter köper du till din trädgård eller är det en växt du tycker är vanlig som du ser över allt i trädgårdar?

Nästa veckas tema "Rosa"!

Jag ha Blommig Tisdag här på Trädgårds Temat - då kan DU välja ett följa ett tema jag presenterar eller så visar du något annat blommigt.