13 februari 2011

Rött kvist hjärta


Happy Valentine!

This is made from,
Cornus alba 'Sibirica' has stunning bright red bark which adds colour to the winter garden. It has been given an Award of Garden Merit (AGM), which is for plants of outstanding excellence. Tolerant of a wide range of soils, it produces the brightest winter bark when planted in full sun. To keep the size of the plant in check and to encourage the most colourful bark, remove a third of the stems back to ground level each spring.

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Todays flower

Cornus alba, the Siberian or Red-Barked Dogwood, is a large suckering shrub that can be grown as a small tree. It is from the family Cornaceae. As a popular ornamental used in landscaping it notable features include the red stems in fall (autumn) through late winter, the brightest winter bark of any Cornus and the variegated foliage in some cultivars, such as C. alba 'elesantissima' , in which the discreet flat whitish flower clusters are almost lost in the variegated texture and dappoled light.

Variegated forms are less vigorous; C. alba can grow to 3 metres high, but for the clearest winter bark, young shoots need to be encouraged by cutting to the ground some older stems at the end of the winter, before leaves are open; the rough bark of older stems is not a notable feature.

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