02 april 2011

Gardeners sustainable living 2011

I was asked of Jane to Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project describe something I do to help Mother Earth.

My biggest thing is to show the children of my own and even all the neighbors children how plant grow and they can taste there own grown potatoes, fruit and berries. We also save all organic from the kitchen and leftover and put it in a compost.
To show the children and tell them about a green living that a way to save the plante.

I am not a writer but I try to show you with photos!

Let the old help the young ones!

Have you stopped over to participate in the Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project? It will be 'open' until April 15th so you have plenty of time.It is also a giving away for over 20 garden gifts.
You do NOT need to be 'green' to join in--just interested and aware of our environment and willing to look at what you can do to contribute positively and eliminate or reduce unnecessary actions. Maybe you would like to share one thing or a dozen things. Being 'aware' of how we act, in relation to nature, is the first step.

Today´s flowers