13 december 2009

Todays flower - My three flowers

They are wearing
Buxus sempervirens Boxwood is a flowering plant in the genus Buxus, native to western and southern Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia, from southern England south to northern Morocco, and east through the northern Mediterranean region to Turkey.

It is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing to 1-9 m tall, with a trunk up to 20 cm diameter (exceptionally to 10 m tall and 45 cm diameter. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, green to yellow-green, oval, 15-30 mm long and 5-13 mm broad. The hermaphrodite flowers are inconspicuous, greenish-yellow, with no petals and are insect pollinated; the fruit is a three-lobed capsule containing 3-6 seeds.

We celebrate Lucia in sweden today, and you can have this in your hair or glitter.

Lucia - In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia. In some forms, a procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each.

So now I am off for church and to see and listen to my two dotters that will "do Lucia".

Todays Flowers nr 70

Merry Christmas- GOD JUL - to all of you!

Ps. I am so happy for all the "Evergreen" plants so we do have some color in winter.